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NOTE: StorySelling Blueprint is being released constantly and updated too...

Module #1: Website story.

How to:

  • Write blog posts that are persuasive and engaging.
  • About pages that draw readers in
  • Landing/squeeze pages that convert and get opt-ins
  • And so much more

Module #2: Sales Funnel Story.

How to:

  • Create the running narrative for your sales funnel.
  • Write sales letters and upsell/downsell pages that sell.
  • Write ads for maximum clicks.
  • And so much more

Module #3: Email Story

How to:

  • Structure email sequences
  • Write emails persuasively
  • Use Autoresponder copy properly
  • And so much more

Module #4: VSL story

How to:

  • Write, create, and deliver a great VSL
  • How to confidently use story to sell your product and/or services
  • And so much more

Module #5: Webinar story

How to:

  • Similar to the VSL but more on your story
  • How to structure your webinar
  • My secret webinar close that will double your sales at the minimum
  • And so much more


  1. Social Story Selling:
    How to use The Story Selling Blueprint to create engaging YouTube videos, Facebook lives, Status Updates, Instagram posts, LinkedIn Profiles and more.
  2. Case Study breakdowns:
    How corporations and large companies are using Story Selling in their businesses to drive massive sales and how you can do the same. (Including examples of my favorite ones that work and why)
  3. [To be named].
    A little set of emails and ideas that have been proven to bring money into your account that will recoup your investment and more.
    This is for people who fall into 3 categories:
    a. You have no list whatsoever.
    b. You have a small/medium list but is unresponsive.
    c. You have a great and responsive list.
  4. Funnel mastery: Everything about funnels, building them, writing them, pitching them and closing deals for them. (And delivery).

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